The Vox and Burndept Works, West Street, Erith, Kent

Fons et origo of the Vox solid state line

Below, pictures of the Burndept Electronics works, West Street, Erith, which the company shared with Vox from 1965. Both were part of the Royston group of companies. Burndept assisted Vox in the design, development and manufacture of the solid state line of amps. Vox remained in the building until late 1971, when operations moved to St Leonards on Sea.

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The Vox and Burndept Works, off West Street, on Nordenfeldt Road. Behind it, the "Elizabethan Electronics" building.

The fire of 1965 - the building viewed from the "railway" side. Image from J. Elyea, Vox Amplifiers, p. 92.

On the top floor was the Research and Development Dept., along with the Dispatch Dept. (packing materials, items waiting to go out), and Organs. On 1 December 1965 fire broke out, destroying the whole of that floor. Fortunately the rest of the factory was saved.

The larger part of building was occupied by Burndept Electronics, owned, as Vox/JMI was, by Royston Industries.

The Vox Factory and Elizabethan Electronics building, picture said to be from before the 1965 fire, but the Vox logo tends to suggest 1967 or later. Image (Ken Chamberlain) from this

West Street: the Works were off to the left at the warning triangle on the striped pole.

After the end Jennings Musical Industries in early 1968, the West Street Works became the home of Vox Sound Equipment Ltd, and Vox Sound Ltd.

A former member of Vox Sound Ltd. staff recalled:

". . . it was a brick industrial building about three stories high, with parking in front of it. Vox occupied several floors, and you had to go out of their areas and into a staircase well to get between floors. The main production area had about twenty people in it, under Bob Poulter. The so-called research department was a small separate area, on the same level as the production. Reg Clark's office was on a lower floor. . . .It was amongst other industrial premises and there was just one cafe - transport style - a few yards along the road."