A pre-production Vox Traveller

Late 1966 or early 1967

Below, pictures of a pre-production Traveller that surfaced in the UK in autumn 2017. Note the position of the footswitch socket, the positioning of the circuit boards in the preamp, and the mains transformer in the middle of the power amp section.

Other pre-production amps . The chassis of this amp has no dymo-taped number, but it may be that the tape was removed when the amp was re-capped a few years ago.

As in the case of the other early Traveller, the box is a modified AC10 box. Given the 2 x 10" format and the electronics, these early designs are in some respects really a sort of Traveller / Virtuoso.

Production Travellers had a completely different sort of circuit and only one 10" speaker.

An overview of JMI Travellers . Click here for .

Steve Walsh, who found this amp, noted: "the tone stacks on both channels are identical to the Mk1 SS amps. The tremolo board seems to be almost identical to the USA version. The reverb board is identical to the UK SS ones. The distortion is unlike anything I've seen in either US or UK amps. That said, it sounds great. It's permanently on in this amp unless switched off via footswitch."

"It uses diodes for clipping, rather like the 7 series but there are only 3 transistors on the entire board."

In the months following the production of these early "trial" amps, JMI brought in many changes - revising appearance, function and electronics.

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