JMI, Vox Sound Equipment Ltd and Vox Sound Ltd - 1967-1970

On the Stones European tour of late March and April 1967, Bill Wyman, one of the first photographed users of a Vox Super Foundation bass amp, used a 2 x 15" cab, which is considerably thinner than the amp itself. 1 x 18" and 2 x 18" cabs are as wide as the amps.

Tall 1 x 18" with port - click here for the early VSEL Solid State brochure.

On the left an original JMI rig; on the right, a later VSEL example - note the presence of the "BASS" flag on the amp, as in the flyer below on this page.

A relatively late Vox Sound Ltd cab - serial number 294.

Tall 2 x 18", no port

Flyer from 1970.

On the left a late JMI rig; centre and right, the same 2 x 18" Super Foundation cab with a Foundation Bass amp.



As below, a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18". One old style JMI-badged silver Celestion in place beside a later VSEL badged unit. Original wiring intact. This cab was offered on Gumtree UK around 18 months ago for £200.


Vox Sound Ltd - a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18" - in great condition. Thanks to Cedric for the pictures.

Probably VSL with a Supreme cab standing to right.

Another VSL cab - note the yellow paint on the screws, typical of 1970s cabs