(with a mis-printed control panel)

Jennings Musical Industries: April, 1967

Together with an early Supreme.

For general views of the amplifier and its covers, . The main page of early Conquerors - serial numbers 1001 to 1300 - .

Below, some details of the power section principally to show date codes of components. In common with other early amps in the solid state range, dates fall in late 1966. Details of the preamp will follow.

A short guide to the deciphering of date codes on components in solid state amps .

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30W P.A. SER No. 01149. P.A. = Power Amplifier.

Driver transformer, part no. 13507A.

CCL filter capacitor - "K6" = November 1966.

CCL filter capacitor - "L6" = December 1966.

Welwyn cement resistor - "XM" = December 1966.

Resistors left to right - "XM" and "XL" = December and November 1966. The yellow Lemco capacitor is "XL" = Nov. '66.

The two RCA 2N3055 power transistors: "6G" = July 1966.