Vox Sound Equipment Limited

1968 prices from "Beat Instrumental"

On this page, a note on equipment exhibited at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL). Earlier notices relating to the Vox solid state range cab be found .

Documents illustrating the setting up of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" as successor to Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI) .

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August '68

A snippet from Gary Hurst's account of the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, 21st - 25th August, 1968, from "Beat Instrumental". The show took place in August - VSEL had therefore become the public name by that time.

A further detail from the account of the Trade Fair. The price of the Supreme is £281 (against £271 and 19 shillings in April 1967), and the Super Foundation Bass £211 (against £204 and 15 shillings). Perhaps more interestingly, amps and cabs are now available separately.