JMI, Vox Sound Equipment Ltd and Vox Sound Ltd - 1967-1973

On the Stones European tour of late March and April 1967, Bill Wyman, one of the first photographed users of a Vox Super Foundation bass amp, used a 2 x 15" cab, which is considerably thinner than the amp itself. 1 x 18" and 2 x 18" cabs are as wide as the amps.

The main Super Foundation Bass amps pages . A number of cab and sets are illustrated there.

Tall 1 x 18" cabs with a port

Click here for the from April 1967. If the description of the cab given there is anything to go by, the earliest cabs had a single 18" speaker and a port ("tuned cabinet"). Single speaker Super Foundation Bass cabs remained in production, however, into the 1970s.

On the left an original JMI rig; on the right, a later Vox Sound Equipment Limited (VSEL) example from 1969 - note the presence of the "BASS" flag on the amp, as in the flyer below on this page.

Serial number 1182 - currently in Germany

Recovered in red leatherette vinyl, but unchanged internally. Note the port at the bottom and the load protection resistors on the supporting strut.

Super Foundation Bass cabs (in company with Foundation Bass units) regularly had a second hole on the back panel, tolexed over at the factory, that could be revealed for the adding of a second jack socket.

A relatively late Vox Sound Ltd cab - serial number 294.

Tall 2 x 18" cabs, no port

Image from the Vox Sound Limited catalogue of 1970. For the page in context,

On the left a late JMI rig; centre and right, the same 2 x 18" Super Foundation cab with a Foundation Bass amp.

Vox Sound Equipment Limited (VSEL)

August 1968 - early 1970

As below, a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18". One old style JMI-badged silver Celestion in place beside a later VSEL badged unit. Original wiring intact. This cab was offered on Gumtree UK around 18 months ago for £200.

Vox Sound Limited (VSL)

August 1970 - 1973

Vox Sound Limited cabs have silver string, plain silver logos (usually stating VOX alone) and for a short time, a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" runner. Speakers were often Fanes rather than Goodmans or Celestion.

Above a Vox Sound Limited cab with Vox Sound Equipment Limited speakers. VSL took over stock from VSEL just as VSEL had taken over stock from Jennings Musical Industries in 1968. The runner of the cab above gives "Super Twin Foundation Bass".

Vox Sound Ltd - a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18" - in great condition. Thanks to Cedric for the pictures.

Sold on ebay in 2016, a VSL Super Foundation Bass cab with a JMI Foundation Bass amp. Note the Fane drivers in the cabinet.

Another VSL cab - note the yellow paint on the screws, typical of 1970s cabs