Vox Supreme serial number 1030 power section

currently in the UK

General pictures of the power section, taken before restoration. At some point in the mid 1980s, the original RCA 2N3055 transistors were replaced along with the variable resistors in the bias string. Fixed value Radiospares cement resistors took their place.

The power section chassis is Type 2, with a rolled over top to the upright. The heatsinks protrude slightly above it. Chassis number is 1164.

Pictures of the box, interior and exterior, . The preamp .

CCL bias capacitors, date code "K6" = November 1966.

CCL main filter capacitors, date codes "L6" and "B7" = December 1966 and February 1967.

Chassis stamp: "100W P.A. SER No. 01164".

RCA 2N3054 transistor, date code: "7A" = January 1967.

The underchassis output board. Yellow Lemco capacitor date code "YB" = February 1967. The Welwyn cement resistor has date code "XL" = November 1966.