Vox Supreme serial number 2574

Currently in the UK

Below, pictures of the preamp, which is more or less untouched - the volume pot may have been renewed, but that's it.

The images are mainly to show the date codes. The latest visible on the mustard caps are "D9" and "A0" = last quarter of 1969 and first quarter 1970. The silver RTC caps have "7021" = 21st week of 1970. The orange Spragues have "7004" = 4th week of 1970.

One of the inspection stamps (last pic) reads "3. 1ST. STO", which means that the preamp was made, or inspected at least, in the Birch-Stolec factory at St Leonard's on Sea, near Hastings. Vox moved there after April 1971.

The numbers on the Erie pots - 270, 330, 350 - vary by value and must be part numbers. 350 is really unlikely to be the 50th week of 1973.

The small black 10uf capacitors were made by Callins and produced under license (from the USA parent company) in Shannon, Eire.

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